Dave Meltzer Comments On WWE Settling MLW Lawsuit

After two long years with plenty of developments, MLW's antitrust lawsuit against WWE is seemingly coming to an end, after both sides filed paperwork yesterday revealing a settlement between the two parties had been reached. But don't expect much more info to come out regarding the situation in the immediate future.

On "Wrestling Observer Radio," Dave Meltzer confirmed some of the key details from yesterday's filing, including that the settlement will be finalized within the next 30 days. As such, it is still not 100% complete, though there appears to be no expectation of the deal falling through. Until complete, neither side is expected to make a statement on the matter, and it's believed both sides will keep quiet even after the 30-day period. As for how much money will be exchanged in the settlement, no exact number is expected. However, MLW will soon be running more shows, as well as giving out cash bonuses to talent, so it appears the promotion is expecting a decent cash influx coming out of the settlement. It is also believed that MLW was on its last legs regarding money to fund the lawsuit, explaining the decision to settle now.

For WWE, the settlement comes at an opportune time, as the case was said to be headed towards the discovery phase, if not already in the early stages. It's believed discovery would've led to previously unknown information about WWE coming to light, including potential evidence of interference with other companies and third parties, thus motivating WWE to settle now and keep those revelations hidden.