Tony Khan Discusses How ROH Final Battle 2023 Card Came Together

ROH (and AEW) President Tony Khan recently discussed the promotion's final show of the year, aptly named Final Battle, and revealed why its venue is a sentimental one for him, especially considering the tribute match at the center of it.

"Doing the show in Dallas means a lot," Khan said, noting that the upcoming Fight Without Honor between the Blackpool Combat Club and FTR and Mark Briscoe will be in tribute to former ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe, who died in January. "[Jay] is somebody I actually first met in Dallas at ROH when I had my first show after acquiring Ring of Honor." 

According to Khan, he met Briscoe just after Supercard of Honor in 2022, and Khan regrets that Jay's bright future was cut short tragically.

"I think FTR and The Briscoes are gonna be linked forever," Khan said of FTR and The Briscoes' legendary rivalry in 2022. "I thought the match would be something really cool for the fans in Dallas."

The two teams took part in a series of acclaimed matches in 2022, which culminated in The Briscoes regaining the ROH World Tag Team titles from FTR just weeks before Jay's death. Khan says he found out the upcoming Final Battle will not only be the one-year anniversary of The Briscoes' dog collar match against FTR, but also the 20-year anniversary of a match that Bryan Danielson had with Jay Briscoe. Khan then approached each member of the Blackpool Combat Club individually to put the Fight Without Honor together

"It just felt right," Khan said.

Khan also said he added a Survival of the Fittest match to pay homage to ROH history. Khan has also been paying close attention to some of his wrestlers' foreign excursions, such as ROH's The Gates of Agony, who have been competing in NJPW's World Tag League, and that there could be more matches added featuring the talent that has been overseas. Khan also added that he has enjoyed working with Ethan Page and Tony Nese.

"They're two people that really wanted to wrestle each other and have built some great interest," he said.