Nick Wayne Wants To Get Former Tag Partner Into AEW

Nick Wayne spent part of his early wrestling career in a tag team called the East West Express with Jordan Oliver, and now he wants to see his former partner make his way into AEW with him. 

While appearing on "The Wrestling Classic," Wayne talked about how he and Oliver were randomly paired as a tag team on the independents and, despite their thinking that it would likely be a one-time thing, he felt they just clicked. The duo then began teaming regularly and, after only a year, the team found themselves ranked in the PWI Tag Team 100 — coming in at 65 — and even won the GCW Tag Team Championship along the way. Their entertaining and fast-paced style became popular with fans and East West Express began developing a following. 

After AEW filed a trademark for East West Express, buzz began to pick up that Oliver could be heading to the promotion, perhaps as a new member of Christian Cage's Patriarchy, reuniting him with Wayne. When asked about that prospect, Wayne shared, "It's one of my goals, to be honest. I have people that I'm very close with outside of AEW, and Jordan is one of them. He's one of my best friends in this world." 

While Oliver's next chapter is far from certain, the addition of Oliver would give Wayne a bit more direction in AEW, and provide the Patriarchy with an entry point into AEW's tag division.