Bully Ray Invokes WWE Hall Of Famer In Discussing Company Handling Locker Room Drama

Tony Khan's leadership behind the curtain in AEW has been called into question many times in the past, following numerous locker room incidents. WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray recently surmised that some of the mistakes behind the scenes have arisen because the AEW CEO has essentially been learning on the job since AEW's inception in 2019. While discussing CM Punk's AEW firing and its current effect on Khan's promotion on "Busted Open Radio," Ray spoke about how Vince McMahon put up with a WWE Hall of Famer because he was a huge star for the Stamford, Connecticut-based organization.

"Let's take a look at history for one second and learn from it," Ray said. "Back in the day, how big of a headache was Shawn Michaels to Vince McMahon? Did Vince ever fire Shawn? ... He dealt with him. He did the best he could with him. He tolerated. He did everything he possibly could, and look where Shawn is today as far as his standing within the WWE ... Do I think Punk is Shawn Michaels? No, but I can compare Punk to Shawn Michaels as far as being that kind of star. And you, as an owner, have to know how to deal with certain wrestling personalities. There's only one type of wrestling personality I believe Tony Khan can handle and deal with — the kind that wants to be friends with him."

Michaels' problems behind the scenes in WWE during the 1990s ranged from heavy substance abuse to backstage conflicts with other wrestlers. Michaels eventually turned his life around and became a born-again Christian in 2002. He is now leading the "WWE NXT" brand. Meanwhile, Punk was involved in physical altercations with The Elite and Jack Perry while working for AEW. After Punk's fracas with Perry at AEW All In was reviewed by a disciplinary committee, Khan fired "The Best in the World." Punk has since returned to WWE.

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