Former WWE Star Lacey Evans On Taking Further Bookings

Lacey Evans hasn't been seen in a wrestling ring since departing WWE in August, and hasn't had a match since June, when she faced Zelina Vega in a dark match. Additionally, Evans confirmed that she has not taken any wrestling bookings for the future. 

"I've had a lot, obviously reach out. But I did WWE for seven years and it was never my passion, that was never a secret," Evans admitted to "Insight With Chris Van Vliet." "It was incredible to see my fellow sports entertainers [succeed], that is their passion. But I just knew that, you know, I went out there and did the best that I could, I did my job. But I always looked forward to coming home." Evans worked with the company from 2016, and enjoyed success as part of WWE's main roster. However, she explained that her family traveled with her, and that did make things a struggle at times due to how many days you spend on the road as a WWE Superstar — making things very difficult. 

"There was always something in the back of my head that was like what the f*** am I doing? When I wake up now, and I'm on my way to my cafe and I have like, just last night we did a big group outreach for I think it's NAR-ANON, it's like alcohol anonymous, but it's for the families that have family members that struggle with addiction, or have lost their lives to overdose, right? So it's just the things that I get to do now and the difference that I get to make to me is so rewarding." Evans says she hasn't questioned whether or not she's doing the right thing or if she's happy. She now gets to change lives and spend time at home with her family, which appears to be her focus moving forward. 

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