AEW Star Chris Jericho Weighs In On CM Punk's WWE Return

Chris Jericho insisted that it is "Business as usual" regarding the fact that CM Punk made his return to WWE recently following his controversial departure from AEW. "It happens," Jericho told "WFAA," while pushing that there was no big locker room reaction to it in AEW. "Same reason I'm sure there wasn't a big reaction when Adam Copeland came to AEW, or when Will Ospreay signed with AEW, or when Danielson, and Moxley, and Adam Cole came to AEW." 

Punk helped bring a lot of attention to AEW, getting to work high-profile matches against the likes of MJF, Adam Page, and Samoa Joe along the way. However, Jericho and Punk never wrestled during their time in AEW, despite the former insisting he wanted to do so. The two men had a meeting following Punk's suspension due to the Brawl-Out incident, showcasing that Jericho was aware of what Punk brought to the table. 

That is something now being felt from a business perspective, as Punk's WWE return has seemingly opened up conversations between the company and Warner Brothers Discovery about potentially licensing the rights to "WWE Raw," which could have a major impact on AEW's future. "It's good for the business that guys have the ability to go between companies," Jericho said. "It's great for the fans and it's great for the talent overall, it just makes the business stronger and that's the most important thing."

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