CM Punk Officially Joins WWE Raw & Enters Royal Rumble, Faces Off With Seth Rollins

A shade over two weeks after his stunning return at Survivor Series, CM Punk has found a home on "WWE Raw." Only moments after announcing as much, business picked up in a big way, following an interruption from WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth "Freakin'" Rollins.

After visiting with General Manager Nick Aldis on "SmackDown" last Friday and stopping by at Deadline to chat with "NXT" head honcho Shawn Michaels, Punk made it clear in the ring Monday night that he had three tangible options and three solid offers to choose from. Calling "Raw" GM Adam Pearce's offer head and shoulders above the others, Punk told a full circle story, calling it only fitting that, almost 10 years to the day since he walked out on WWE in Cleveland, he was walking right back into "Raw," officially, in the very same building. Once he put pen to paper, cementing Pearce's big "free agent acquisition," that was about enough for Rollins, who came to the ring with the WWE universe singing his familiar entrance theme.

Rollins took exception to Punk frequently calling WWE "home" since his return, saying that Punk walked out on WWE and tried to tear it to the ground, but most importantly, that WWE couldn't be Punk's home because that distinction belongs to Rollins. The champ went on to say that he'd defend his home with everything he possibly could, but that if Punk was going to be in WWE, he wanted him on "Raw." And if he's truly changed, maybe one day he could find himself across the ring from Rollins, challenging for his title. To that, Punk announced his entrance in the Royal Rumble, and all but assured Rollins he'd be coming after said title once he wins it.