AEW Boss Tony Khan Calls Former WCW Star 'An Irrelevant Parasite' On Social Media

AEW's head honcho Tony Khan has hit out at former WCW star Glenn "Disco Inferno" Gilbertti. The beef started after Gilbertti said that AEW's shows need to be reset, promoting the company's CEO to fire back on X (formerly Twitter).

"The belief that you're an irrelevant parasite unites the entire pro wrestling community," Khan wrote in response to Gilbertti's criticism. Some of Khan's roster members responded too, with former AEW TNT Champion Sammy Guevara writing "FACTS" in the replies.

However, the war of words didn't end there. Gilbertti followed up with another X post of his own, questioning the merit of Khan's harsh words about him.

"If I am irrelevant, how did I unite the wrestling community? And if the wrestling community is united by someone who is irrelevant, what does that say about the wrestling community? Love to hear the answers."

Gilbertti has been critical of AEW in the past, so it's unsurprising to learn that he wants to see changes to the weekly programming. Earlier this year, he claimed that no one cares about "AEW Collision," citing matches he believed to be missable as the main reason while also questioning the handling of CM Punk's booking. Coincidentally, Khan was promoting "Collision" on social media when he got into an online spat with the former WCW TV Champion. Of course, Khan is no stranger to social media beefs. He recently hit out at WWE as well, with Eric Bischoff claiming that Khan's tweets for a bad look for his promotion.