Eric Bischoff Explains Why Tony Khan's Recent Tweets Are A Bad Look For AEW

Tony Khan did not take "AEW Dynamite" losing to "WWE NXT" in the ratings very well last week. Afterward, Khan engaged in a flurry of sharp social media activity that left a bad taste in many people's mouths — including "83 Weeks" host Eric Bischoff.

"Had I had my ass handed to me as decidedly as Tony had his handed to him, the last thing I would've done was to come out and try to spin that ass-kicking as any kind of a victory," Bischoff said.

The former WCW President was adamant that he would not have done a single thing that Khan has in his attempts to get one over on WWE for its "NXT" ratings.

"I think he went way too far," Bischoff said of Khan detailing WWE's behavior during his mother's health struggles last year as a way to frame his ill will towards WWE — Khan said numerous AEW talent had told him of WWE pressuring them to break their contracts while Khan was doing what he could to help his mother during her stay at the Mayo Clinic. "This is not the time to pull your pants down and show the world your ass."

Bischoff thought that Khan's admission to hating part of the professional wrestling audience was also the wrong move for a promoter who's on his heels and trying to win back audience share.

"Tony Khan — president of AEW — did not do the brand any favors, and he did not do the network he's in partnership with any favors," Bischoff concluded.