Former WWE Superstar Top Dolla Responds To Tweet Saying, 'The Botch Saved My Life'

Former WWE star Top Dolla, who now goes by his real name AJ Francis, revealed that a botched move during his WWE career led to a life-saving discovery of a disease he has.

A fan recently mocked the former footballer on X for botching a dive over the top rope a year ago on "WWE SmackDown." Top Dolla responded by saying that he's grateful for the botched move because it helped him find out that he has Type II diabetes, stating that his blood sugar had spiked to over 600 mg/dL.

"The botch saved my life. I made that dive a dozen times before, legs felt off but I didn't think about it. After I failed I went to the doc & found out I had Type II diabetes & my blood sugar was 626. I almost lost my life & was about to lose both feet. The botch saved my life," said Francis. 

He then mentioned that his diabetes diagnosis contributed to a dramatic weight loss, during which he shed 90 pounds in five months. Top Dolla later revealed that he is now at 330 pounds — the weight he was at during his football years — and claimed that he feels better than ever thanks to his weight loss and medication.

He expressed gratitude towards various WWE Superstars for keeping his health problems confidential, specifically thanking The Usos, AJ Styles, Santos Escobar, and his former Hit Row members, Ashante "Thee" Adonis and B-Fab. After being re-signed by WWE in August 2022, Top Dolla went on to team with his Hit Row group again and had several singles matches before being released in September 2023. He is being advertised to feature at GCW's Look At Me show on January 26, returning to the promotion where he wrestled back in April 2022.