AEW Star Adam Copeland On Who Is 'The Most Underrated Guy Ever In The Business'

AEW star Adam Copeland believes that his long-time friend — and occasional on-screen foe — Christian Cage is one of the most underrated wrestlers in pro wrestling history.

The Hall of Famer, in his recent interaction with "TSN," stated that Cage is the overall package as a wrestler, citing the qualities that he possesses that make him one of the most undervalued stars in wrestling.

"I'm really happy for him because he deserves it. I've always said, to me, he's the most underrated guy ever in the business," said Copeland. "You can throw the Bobby Eatons and Brad Armstrongs and other guys in there, but if I'm looking at overall package, mic skills, in-ring skills, presence, all of it, it's him."

Copeland and Cage rose in the pro wrestling ranks together nearly three decades ago, becoming huge stars in WWE first as tag team stars, before having successful singles careers. Cage is perhaps having his best run as a singles star in his current heel gimmick on AEW television, and Copeland believes it's due to the freedom he's been given by AEW management.

"He's been given the freedom. He's had no restraints. He's had no handcuffs put on him. He's had no preconceived notions placed on him," explained the Hall of Famer. "He's been given free rein to create. I've known this was always there."

Copeland went on to state that wrestlers who have collaborated with and conversed with Cage over the years have been aware of the talent that he has showcased weekly on AEW television. He thinks that Cage has always had a keen ability to know what works inside the pro wrestling ring. 

Cage and Copeland recently had their first match against each other in AEW on "AEW Dynamite" earlier this month in their home country of Canada, where Cage won after interference by Nick Wayne's mother, Shayna.