WWE HOFer Kevin Nash Details His Personal Experiences With Chris Benoit

The last weekend of Chris Benoit's life will forever tarnish what could have been one of the most praised wrestling legacies in history, and his actions became a stain on the industry at the time. On his "Kliq This" podcast, Kevin Nash commented on working with "The Crippler," and gave his opinion on CTE injuries.

Veterans like Kurt Angle have praised Benoit's wrestling ability following his death, and similarly Nash had good things to say about working with him, and even tried to make sense of his final actions by contrasting Eddie Guerrero's passing to Scott Hall's. "I personally, I never had anything but kindness and good work environment with Chris. It's just, he was a f—king ... He lost Eddie and I think that was like me losing Scott, and I just think he spiraled and ... I don't know ..."

Benoit's life was marred by tragedy in his later years, but the double murder of his family is largely attributed to his advanced CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) and steroid abuse. Nash additionally addressed these claims and noted that the worst CTE injuries usually happen when a person lands on their chest. "And you figure, his finish for 20 years was that flying [headbutt] off the top. He worked a lot of years in Japan, here's a guy who never took a night off, never took a match off." The online discourse surrounding Benoit is sparse, but few fans put him on their "Wrestling Mount Rushmore." However, The Undertaker recently praised Benoit, and placed him on his personal "Under 6ft Wrestling Mount Rushmore."

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