Bianca Belair Believes This WWE Star Is Ready To Make Noise

Jade Cargill has yet to make her official in-ring debut for WWE. However, Bianca Belair is confident that the former AEW star will be ready when she does, and the "EST Of WWE" expects Cargill to make an impact.

"I just think it's exciting, she's coming in, and she's created so much noise without even having a match yet. So, that alone speaks volumes of what she can do for this division, so I am just excited for that. I am excited for whenever she steps out," she told "ROAR Around The Ring." "I am just excited for when that's going to happen and who that's going to be with."

While it is currently unknown what brand Cargill will be joining — having made backstage appearances on all three shows — the idea of her facing Bianca Belair has been highly touted by fans. Both of them are wrestlers that were scouted by Mark Henry, and the idea of them competing against each other is something Cargill previously admitted to being open to — a seemingly mutual feeling.

"I know that in the future, we're going to have a banger match whenever that comes, but the possibilities are endless," Belair said. "Whenever you can add someone to this division that can bring eyes to the product and make noise, we are always all for that, and I think she's going to be able to do that 100 percent.

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