A Majority Of Fans Want Jade Cargill To Wrestle This Top WWE Star

Jade Cargill is due to debut in a WWE ring any day now, meaning a plethora of dream matches are now available to the former AEW TBS Champion.

Wrestling Inc. ran a poll on X (formerly Twitter) asking who fans would like to see Jade face off against in WWE, with Charlotte Flair, "WWE NXT" Women's Champion Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, and a fourth write-in category, and the results were 51% in favor of Belair. 

The results line up with Cargill's opinion, as back in 2022 the former AEW star said that she'd love to have a match against Belair, not only because Belair is one of the most popular stars of her era, but also because she and Belair share a similar history, having both been discovered by WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry.

"I'm here to make money matches and dream matches where little Black girls can be like, 'Damn, this is crazy," Cargill said. "I feel like a match like that, that would be for the culture."

Charlotte Flair came in second in the poll with 28% of the vote. While the two women don't have Mark Henry in common, they did bond over their similar physiques recently, when Cargill called Charlotte a "Queen" for the shape of her abs ahead of WrestleMania season. There is no word on whether Cargill will make her in-ring debut on WWE's main roster or in "WWE NXT," but she has already reported to the WWE Performance Center, and a recent report says she might not be the last AEW star to head to the recently-merged company.