Former WWE Star Maven Explains Why Josh Mathews Isn't A Terrible Person

Former WWE backstage interviewer and commentator Josh Mathews is likely best remembered for his time in the promotion across the Ruthless Aggression and PG Eras. Speal with "Notsam Wrestling," his former "WWE Tough Enough" rival Maven reacted to rumors that Mathews is a terrible person and explained why this isn't the case.

Upon hearing that some people have an issue with Mathews, Maven reacted in disbelief and claimed that Mathews is the "Salt of the Earth." Following this, he admitted that he'd heard some people dislike Mathews, but it never made sense to him. "I've never understood why. Why would anyone hate Josh?" Continuing, Maven declared that Mathews could have won the season of "Tough Enough" that the two were on, but that Mathews has overall had a better career than he had as a wrestler. "Josh could have won Tough Enough easily. I'm glad he didn't because I think he's had a better overall career in what he's landed. He's the Kevin Dunn of TNA, and he's good at it!"

In the past, Mathews has commented on his stint with WWE, and despite anyone's opinions on his run, he doesn't believe it was a missed opportunity. On the other hand, Maven has gained a lot of attention this year due to his YouTube channel, but for any fans hoping to see him return to WWE at Royal Rumble or otherwise, Maven himself doesn't believe he'll ever get a call from the promotion.

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