Bruce Prichard Explains Why Billy Gunn Didn't Reach The Main Event In WWE

Billy Gunn found a lot of success in pro wrestling in the tag team scene, but despite a respectable career, he never quite found his footing as a singles star. On his "Something To Wrestle" podcast, Bruce Prichard expressed why he believes Gunn never successfully translated into the main event.

Prichard's co-host reminded him of Gunn's run as "The One," which the veteran claims he doesn't remember. Following this, Prichard himself even questioned why Gunn never took off as a singles star, and why his "The One" run was forgettable."If you look at Billy Gunn, my God he's a Greek god still to this day! He's got all the tools and can do anything but for whatever reason, when push comes to shove, it's just not there." Additionally, Prichard said the same thing applied to Road Dogg, who was better as a tag team wrestler. "I'll say the same thing about Road Dogg! Dogg was much better as a tag team wrestler and you put those guys together and they made magic together, you take them apart and now part of that illusion is exposed."

In conclusion, Prichard even questioned Gunn's "Mr. A–" gimmick, since he felt like even that didn't work for him in the end. "We get Billy Gunn, DX, New Age Outlaws — I thought it fit and it was a good character for him, except I don't even remember The One." Despite his struggles to get over as a solo act, Gunn was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame alongside D-Generation X while he was signed to AEW.

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