Eric Bischoff Thinks Charlotte Flair's Injury May Lead To Free Agent's WWE Return

A recent report indicated that the once working plans between AEW and Mercedes Mone were no longer in place. This development has since fueled speculation that Mone may be headed back to her former home of WWE, where she previously resided as "The Boss" Sasha Banks. On the latest episode of "Strictly Business," former WCW President Eric Bischoff weighed in with his thoughts on Mone's potential return to WWE, which he believes may be more likely to happen now that "The Queen" Charlotte Flair is out of action with a trio of knee injuries. 

"I tend to look at things analytically, or I try, so if I'm Sasha Banks, here's what I'm excited about, or Mercedes Mone, either one. [I'm] equally as excited for both, because she's got a great relationship. She has an established market value. There's anticipation, she's obviously got a fan base," Bischoff said. "Oh, and Charlotte's down for a while. That creates, oh what's it called – opportunity. You've got all that over here [in WWE] on this side of the equation ... If either [Sasha Banks or Mercedes Mone], or both of them, decided they wanted to make a move to AEW currently, does that make any sense at all? I think not, but maybe I'm wrong. She's gotten the leverage, and if Sasha Banks wants [or] Mercedes wants to just go do her thing somewhere and ride it out at AEW until whatever happens, happens, be a part of a big resurgence perhaps, or be on the ship when it goes down, that would be a really bad choice. There's too much money on the table. She's too smart to make not smart decisions."

While it remains to be seen what route Mone will decide to venture down next, her asking price is reportedly higher than the recent WWE deal signed by Charlotte Flair, who is now believed to be one of the highest-paid women in WWE history (h/t Fightful). Mone's last WWE match took place on May 15, 2022, just one day before she and Naomi infamously walked out of the company.

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