Former NXT Star Alexis Lete Recalls Hiding Injuries From WWE

Former "WWE NXT" star Alexis Lete has revealed that someone in WWE advised her not to disclose the concussions she had.

In a recent vlog on her YouTube channel, the former NCAA Division I volleyball player revealed a conversation she had with an unnamed person in WWE after she suffered a concussion, which led her to leave WWE

"I've had some concussions before I knew something was not right. I go into work. I don't say anything. Then next time I'm heading to medical, I'm going to tell them something is weird. I think I rung my bell. As I'm walking in someone is like, 'Letty, what's up, how are you doing?' 'I'm doing really good, but I'm about to head to medical. I feel like something happened and I feel I rang my bell.' He's like, 'Oh, you rang your bell?' 'Yeah, ringing your bell is still a concussion. It's still not the best.' He told me, 'Hey, that's kind of part of the job. You get injuries all the time. You deal with them and you move on and get ready for the next thing.' 'Oh, okay.' 'Don't go and tell them. Spend another night, think about it, but unless you're bad and black out, I wouldn't tell them about it.' 'Oh, okay,'" recalled Lete.

She realized wrestling was not for her at that very moment. Lete stated that her first concussion in the ring happened after an opponent kneed her in the head. The 27-year-old mentioned that she didn't pick up wrestling quickly, while praising her former colleagues for pushing past the pain barrier. 

Lete added that she loved WWE, but didn't feel the same way about pro wrestling. Although she wasn't a fan of wrestling in the ring, she was interested in a hosting role or being a valet as she claimed that she was good on the mic.