CM Punk Reportedly Among Backstage Critics Of Departing AEW Employee

Dana Massie is one of two executives departing AEW, and speculation about her departure is making the rounds. On the latest edition of "Wrestling Observer Radio," Dave Meltzer said that she wanted to remain in the job. However, the resentment toward her husband, Matt Jackson, and his sibling tag partner by some members of the wrestling community has made it difficult. Furthermore, it's believed that ex-AEW star CM Punk went after her in an Instagram post, possibly as a response to his beef with the Young Bucks. 

With her, I think it just got too tough; I'm sure there's other things too, but that was a lot of it, the fact that she felt they were never defended at a time when they probably should have been defended by the company. There was the situation where [CM] Punk went after her, too, and she was never defended either.

Massie has been AEW's Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer since 2019, a role that saw her work on items that the company could sell to fans and consumers. Punk previously took to Instagram and poked fun at a typo on clothing item ROH Death Before Dishonor, noting that he wasn't shocked by the mistake, presumably due to who was involved in overseeing its production. Meltzer believes that this is an example of a moment in AEW that made life tough for Massie. 

Jackson has also commented on his wife's departure, thanking her for all of her hard work and remaining positive in a quite thankless role. He also claimed that she left the job on his own terms, suggesting she wasn't let go.