Eric Bischoff Says He Would 'Bet Heavily' On WWE Star

Jade Cargill has yet to officially debut in a WWE ring, but Eric Bischoff revealed he would "bet heavily on her" if he had the chance, as he believes that the former TBS Champion has so much potential. "She's an unproven commodity at this point, we don't know what she's going to deliver," he said on "83 Weeks." "She just reeks of charisma, she has charisma oozing out of pores you could only see with a microscope. She's so charismatic, and obviously beautiful, and a physical specimen on top of it."

Cargill has been training at WWE's Performance Center to develop her in-ring skills, and while she is still relatively new to the wrestling business, Bischoff believes she could be the next Rock — providing she can work reasonably well and master a narrative. "She's in the right environment. Not overnight, but if she can learn and rise to the level of her potential, much like Rock did, Rock learned how to become a great actor within the confines of WWE," Bischoff said. "His foundation was built in WWE, Jade Cargill's can be too."

Cargill isn't the only big name that has made the move to WWE in recent years. Cody Rhodes and CM Punk have both ended up back with the company as well, and Bischoff can't imagine the abuse that AEW CEO Tony Khan is going to receive for losing them all to his competition. "I still get beat up for losing Chris Jericho to WWE," Bischoff said. "It's going to be brutal, no matter how successful Tony becomes, this will come back to haunt him for decades."

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