Heels Star Stephen Amell Shares Lesson He Learned Delivering An RKO In ROH

Between matches in WWE, Ring of Honor, and the original All In, not to mention his two-season stint as the star of the wrestling TV series "Heels," Stephen Amell is very used to the trials and tribulations of being a professional wrestler. He's also used to the bumps and bruises, something he learned the hard way from doing moves like a diving elbow drop through a table during his All In match.

As it turns out, however, the All In bump isn't the painful moment that Amel remembers the most. During a "Highspots Sign-It-Live" virtual signing, Amell took a stroll down memory lane regarding his match in Ring of Honor, a November 2017 five-on-four handicap match that saw Amell do a move that proved so painful that in hindsight, he wishes he had attempted a few times previously.

"We did that match in San Antonio, Texas," Amell said. "I was with Kenny and the Bucks and Cody, I think 'Hangman' was there as well, and Scurll, Marty. And of course, we were up against CD, who I ended up wrestling at All In. They called me into the ring, and I had to give an RKO to either CD or...I think it was CD. And I jacked my neck up so bad. 

"I came back to the side of the ring, and I looked at either Matt or Nick, I can't remember. I go 'Guys, is there steam coming off of my ears?' 'No, why?' 'Because it feels like there's steam coming off of my ears.' I jacked myself up. Practice the RKO, I think is the most important thing."

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