McKenzie Mitchell Discusses Relationship With WWE Execs Triple H And Shawn Michaels

McKenzie Mitchell was surprisingly released by WWE in December, but she only had praise for Shawn Michaels and Triple H, claiming that she respects them both to the ends of the earth. "I think they're such amazing humans. So, for Shawn to say that in the presser they had going on was just — that was another thought it was just, wow, this is really cool," she told "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" about Michaels' praise for her

Mitchell admitted that she didn't get to say goodbye in WWE, therefore the cliched phrase of never say never does apply to her. Having positive working relationships with both Triple H and Michaels certainly helps, and the connection to "The Game" came via the Facebook Live that they did together, which she admitted was the most nervous she'd ever been. "Of course, people are intimidated a little bit and I had Vic pretend as if he was Triple H in the living room to go over my questions and what I was going to ask him," she said. "I got to know him a little bit better and develop that relationship which is really cool and I'm thankful for."

Mitchell believes that Triple H has a presence about himself whenever he enters a room, regardless of him being an executive of the company. However, even though the former D-Generation X members have plenty of star power, Mitchell recalled a different side to them, with Triple H always taking the time to speak with her children. "You don't see that a lot, that he makes sure that he takes the time to talk to you, same with Shawn Michaels," she said. "That was really special to create that dynamic with them that not everybody gets, and I had that opportunity."

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