AEW Champ MJF Gets Candid About Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is one of the few remaining active wrestlers of his generation, and still one of the most recognizable names in the industry. However, over the past few years criticism of him has been rife online, and it's caught MJF's attention. In a piece written for "The Players Tribune," MJF addressed Jericho's importance to AEW and the wrestling business.

"It's really fun to s**t on him, I know. (Trust me, I do it all the time.) But people have the weirdest, shortest memories when it comes to who he is and what he represents." According to MJF, the promotion wouldn't be in the position it is today without the help of Jericho at the start. Additionally, he believes that Jericho lent a sense of legitimacy to AEW and the AEW World Championship when he became the inaugural champion. MJF also feels that "The Ocho" gave legitimacy to his own character. "And let's be clear: Chris also gave legitimacy to MJF. I mean, when he decided to deal with me for a YEAR?? I was already doing well, of course, but his buy-in cemented me."

Lastly, MJF believes the endorsement from Jericho proved his value to the AEW higher-ups, fans, and even himself due to their feud lasting so long. "I assure you I'm forgetting no one when I say: Chris was the biggest star AEW had at its inception, and most likely still is (besides me, duh)." Fellow "AEW Pillar" Sammy Guevara also recently commented on his relationship with Jericho, and just like MJF he only had glowing things to say about the veteran.