Backstage Update On Mercedes Mone's Talks With WWE For Potential Return

Rumors are running high about Mercedes Moné, real name Mercedes Varnado. Fans who follow the popular performer on social media will be keen to point out a few things they feel are teasing her next move, one that would bring the former Sasha Banks back to WWE. Exhibit A: her playful holiday message on X (formerly Twitter). "Happy Happy Holidays All I want for Christmas is Moné" she writes. The message seems simple enough; it's a quick note to accompany a photo of her dressed up in a rather fetching, shoulderless Mrs. Claus outfit. But taking into account that those first three words sat alone on their own lines and each starts with a certain eighth letter of the alphabet, some users are calling it a coy reference to WWE's head of creative, Paul "Triple H" Levesque. 

It's not exactly a smoking gun, but Moné took things a bit further and was a lot more overt today, sharing this image to her Instagram stories. There's certainly no denying that's Triple H in the background and sly grin on her face. Is this another clue? Could that mean there's even more "never say never" going on in the WWE universe?

Unfortunately, it does not. Despite the fact that hell froze over to allow CM Punk's return at Survivor Series and reports indicate that WWE is looking to sign a former champion in time for Day 1, it won't be Mercedes Moné taking the mantle of Sasha Banks back up. WWE insiders tell Wrestling Inc. that the company has walked away from all conversations with her after "little progress was made." We're told that the discussion was totally cordial and without contention, but ultimately WWE pulled out after some back and forth.