Seth Rollins Goes Off On Fans Chanting For CM Punk At WWE Live Event

None have made their displeasure towards CM Punk's return to WWE more apparent than Seth Rollins. The World Heavyweight Champion has been open in his reasoning for hating the "Second-City Saint" since his comeback, and the pair met in the ring during "WWE Raw" to lay the foundations for their later meeting in the ring. Rollins continued the war of words during Friday's live event, directly responding to fans as they chanted Punk's name.

"What do y'all think, he's going to pop through that curtain tonight? He ain't going to come tonight because, you know what, he doesn't give a damn about y'all. Hey, I've been honest," Rollins said (h/t WrestlingNews.Co). "I've said this about CM Punk from day one. CM Punk only gives a damn about CM Punk. But hey, you know what? You've all paid your hard-earned money to come here and chant for the dude who isn't going to show up."

Upon Punk's return, Rollins' reaction to the proceedings went viral. He was shown cursing and flipping the bird as "Cult of Personality" played to close Survivor Series, continuing their very real grievances stemming from Punk's original run in WWE. When they met on "Raw", Rollins took issue with Punk referring to WWE as "home" after spending so long disparaging the company. Punk made it clear that he was entering this year's Royal Rumble match, and should he win it, he may well seek Rollins' coveted World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 40.