Report: Longtime WWE Executive Kevin Dunn Leaving The Company

Kevin Dunn is reportedly exiting WWE.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider broke the news on Saturday that WWE Executive Producer and Chief of Global Television Distribution Kevin Dunn has given his notice to leave WWE after over 30 years with the company. Their sources stated that it was Dunn's decision to retire in wake of changes made to the television production department post-Endeavor. While shocking to some, the news isn't surprising in the present day considering it was believed that Dunn would not work for anyone other than Vince McMahon who officially left when Endeavor formed TKO this year. Nevertheless, the ramifications may be sizable considering Dunn's fingerprints are all over WWE's television presentation.

When Dunn missed WWE Survivor Series: WarGames in 2022, there was speculation that he had left following McMahon's initial departure. That turned out to not be the case as WWE's Board of Directors had asked Dunn to remain with the company when McMahon stepped down. Dunn has served as an executive producer since "Monday Night Raw" began airing on the USA Network in 1993. He also served as WWE's director and line producer which involved overseeing the production budget and crew members, among other major responsibilities behind the scenes.

Regarding who will replace Dunn, it was once believed to be Michael Mansury who now holds a similar executive position in AEW. PWInsider noted that it's likely to be a mix of people sharing responsibilities for the time being. Dunn reportedly has stepped back in some ways to let others take over certain responsibilities since the Endeavor era started.