Rhea Ripley Retains WWE Women's World Championship On Day 1 Edition Of WWE Raw

Ivy Nile put up a valiant effort against Rhea Ripley on Monday, but like 2023, 2024 appears set to be dominated by Judgment Day's "Mami."

Ripley was successful in retaining her WWE Women's World Championship on the Day 1 edition of "WWE Raw," drilling the Diamond Mine member into the mat with Riptide. While Ripley is a near-constant presence on WWE programming, the win marked her first televised match since early December and her first televised title defense since Survivor Series: War Games in November. 

Ripley has been defending the title all over the Live Event circuit, including WWE's recent record-breaking Live Event at Madison Square Garden after Christmas. She defended her title in "The Garden" against Ivy Nile and Shayna Baszler at the event, which set the record for all-time attendance at a domestic non-televised WWE Live Event. The event was heavily bolstered by the inclusion of CM Punk's first WWE match in over a decade, which was a victory over Dominik Mysterio. Ripley was in Mysterio's corner for the match.