Ryan Nemeth Reveals Veterans He Goes To For Advice Backstage In AEW

Younger AEW wrestlers not taking advice from veterans within the company has been a talking point ever since its inception, with certain legends such as Tully Blanchard having claimed talent doesn't listen or ask questions. However, that doesn't appear to be the case for Ryan Nemeth, as he has gone out of his way to learn from some of the more experienced stars, including Jake Roberts.

"He's somebody that has been really great to get to know at AEW," Nemeth told "Drop the Mic." "He is great to have around to ask questions about interviews and promos because he's just got a legendary way of speaking, communicating on the camera, I love him." Roberts has previously stated he is focusing on helping those who want it when it comes to developing their promo skills, which, evidently Nemeth has been taking advantage of. Gaining advice is something Nemeth is proactive about, as he is also still in communication with one of his former "WWE NXT" coaches — Norman Smiley, showcasing the impact he made on his career. However, with so many veterans on the AEW roster, there is no shortage of options for Nemeth when he's at the arenas. 

"Jake Roberts is great, Billy Gunn, and I'm not the world's strongest man, but literally having the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry at AEW, I'll just get him alone and ask him, 'Alright, tell me about when you lifted this much?' I just want to know about that," he said. 

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