Kazuchika Okada Pins AEW Star Bryan Danielson At Wrestle Kingdom 18

Kazuchika Okada secured revenge over Bryan Danielson at Wrestle Kingdom 18. The "Rainmaker" and the "American Dragon" met in the ring for a rematch of their AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door headliner last year, a match where Danielson managed to get Okada to submit — a rare instance — despite breaking his right forearm during the match. 

Danielson promised to break Okada's arm in press conferences leading up to Wrestle Kingdom, and he set out to do just that throughout the contest, with Okada even selling the injury following the match, refusing to lift it as he left the ring. 

Okada endured the exact hold he had submitted at Forbidden Door, as well as multiple Busaiku knees, before landing the second of his signature Rainmaker to score the pinfall and earn redemption on his home turf. After the match, Danielson and Okada shared respect for one another, bowing and shaking hands for their respective efforts in the match. 

Danielson has already declared that 2024 is due to be his last year in full-time competition, so there remains the question of whether there will be a rubber match between the pair. This was Bryan Danielson's first Wrestle Kingdom appearance, and he did so as the co-main event. 

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