Kevin Sullivan Critiques The Main Event From AEW Worlds End 2023

AEW Worlds End 2023 wrapped up some of the promotion's ongoing storylines, but the online consensus has largely been mixed. Wrestling veteran Kevin Sullivan critiqued the pay-per-view on "Tuesday with the Taskmaster," and voiced his concerns with the main event between MJF and Samoa Joe. Despite having some issues, Sullivan was happy with Joe's work in the match, and described his efforts as "solid" and "fabulous." However, when it came to MJF, he had a glaring issue with the former AEW World Champion's entrance attire. "The only thing I didn't like about MJF, his robe reminded me of a cheap Ric Flair robe with those feathers. That didn't work for me, but he worked hard."

When it came to Adam Cole being revealed as "The Devil," Sullivan dismissed the move with sarcasm. "I was so shocked! If you couldn't see that coming, even a blind man could see that one." Despite this, he suggested that the angle could've ended up working if Cole wasn't "The Devil" after all. "The whole time, he's giving signals that it's him, but at the end of the night he rolls in to save on a dead leg and gets killed too, and someone else is the devil, you just made ... a big babyface."

Additionally, Sullivan found fault with Cole's reaction to the beatdown MJF was on the receiving-end of, noting that the angle was too over the top in his opinion. "The shots when MJF is selling, Adam Cole is cheerleading like a Dallas Cheerleader. I mean, come on, it's too over the op. I like subtle things. 'It's that guy, I know it's him' and then it turns out it's the other one."

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