Adam Copeland Discusses Plans To Have Last Match In AEW

AEW's Adam Copeland has discussed how he would like to cap off his legendary pro wrestling career and where he would like his last match to be.

The WWE Hall of Famer was a recent guest on Sam Roberts' "Notsam Wrestling" podcast, where he talked about how he knew he'd end his career in AEW prior to joining the promotion.

"I walked into this [move to AEW] thinking this is where I'm ending my career. I'm ending it with some of my best friends in the industry, my very best friend in life (Christian Cage), FTR guys, I look around and see Jericho ... it's like, it's really nice. And, again, really exciting. In my mind, I already have ideas for the end."

He highlighted how he has to put in the work and have a regimen to perform at his best, and understands the limitations he has as a performer at his age. Roberts then asked "The Rated-R Superstar" whom he would like to face in his last match. Copeland said he hasn't decided about the opponent but knows which iconic venue the match has to happen in.

"I don't think it needs to be triumphant. I already had that. I don't know if it's Christian [his final opponent] anymore," said the AEW star. "In a perfect world, again, to me, the place is important. I would love to do it in Maple Leaf Gardens. That I would love to do. Even if it means I've got to start an indie for a day, and I've got to book Maple Leaf Gardens, I've got to book it, I've got to get a production team, and the talent. To be able to do it in the place that I first saw wrestling live, to be back in that place [would be great]..."

Copeland recalled watching his first pro wrestling event live at the Toronto venue and stated that finishing his career in that very same venue would be special.