Kevin Nash Gives Possible Business Reason As To Why WWE Star Cody Rhodes Stopped Wearing Suits

Cody Rhodes has always carried himself like a star, and more importantly, has always styled himself like a star, often dressing in bright suits that never fully cross the line into flashy or tacky. But as of late, the former AEW TNT Champion has been addressing the crowd in a t-shirt and his ring tights. Is the "American Nightmare" shedding his elite fashion sense in the name of being a more relatable man of the people? Kevin Nash doesn't think so.

"I've noticed a lot that Cody's not coming out in the whole outfit anymore," Nash said on "Kliq This," referring to Rhodes's suit. "I guess he wasn't selling any t-shirts and thought 'I better wear a t-shirt out to the ring every once in a while so [I can sell some t-shirts]."

Despite Nash's theory, Rhodes was one of WWE's top merchandise sellers for 2023. While WWE seemingly didn't rank the merchandise sellers, Rhodes was put in the same space as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns as far as sales. While Rhodes sold plenty of merch last year, it's possible Nash is still correct, as Rhodes could be hoping to push his sales above Roman's in the hopes that it finally seals the deal in the eyes of WWE and puts him one step closer to taking the torch from Reigns, who has been undisputed champion for nearly three years, and has held the Universal title even longer. Nash's fellow WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray thinks Rhodes still has a part to play in the drama between Reigns and The Rock.