AEW's Will Ospreay Talks About Having 'No Expectations' Going Into 2023

Will Ospreay spent years in Japan becoming one of the most praised stars in the country, but eventually gained prominence in the American wrestling scene after wrestling high-profile matches in AEW. During an interview with DeniseĀ Salcedo, Ospreay recalled how much wrestling at All In meant to him after going into 2023 with no expectations. "I had no expectations going into 2023 after the Kenny match, I kind of just thought I'm going to take every opportunity I get and challenge myself," Ospreay said. Additionally, he noted how he felt the world opened up again in 2023 after the pandemic, and that he was ready to test himself.

Despite this, it seems that walking into Wembley Stadium was the highlight of his year, as he became flustered while talking about it. "Nothing will ever feel as good as walking down the Wembley Stadium ramp, like nothing in my entire existence of feeling." Ospreay also recalled the criticism he faced trying to build wrestling in the UK, since he'd often wrestle in front of crowds as small as 200 people.

Ultimately, this led to doubting whether he was making an impact or not and whether his stardom would only remain in Japan. "Maybe like there's reason why there's only 200 in the audience. Like, it's your stuff in Japan's good, but on the grander stage, nobody knows who you are." He continued, recalling how wrestling at All In last year changed how he views himself, especially when the fans in attendance sang his song as he entered the arena.

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