Will Ospreay Comments On Expanding TNA And NJPW Relationship, Facing Josh Alexander

Will Ospreay may be set to join AEW once his New Japan contract expires next month, but he still has some unfinished business with TNA. The former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion is set to appear at TNA's Snake Eyes TV tapings this upcoming weekend, where he'll close the loop on a short, but memorable, stint with the promotion that began in October.

In an interview with "Denise Salcedo," Ospreay talked about how happy he was to get the opportunity to work with TNA, putting over their locker room and their prospects for 2024. He also noted how pleased he was to play a part in helping TNA grow through the promotion's partnership with New Japan.

"I always love it when wrestling companies work alongside [one] another because then there's chances to give fans these incredible matches that they thought they'd never, ever see," Ospreay said. "Getting to go and do...going over to Impact, I can't tell you how much of a blessing it was. It was so lovely. That roster back there was so...it's a unit. It's a proper unit of guys. 

"It was an absolute pleasure to wrestle in front of their fans, and receive their appreciation, and being able to do the Mike Bailey match and the Josh Alexander [match]...they're two of my favorite matches in 2023. They've got such an incredible roster. I'm so excited for them for this year. I think they're on the right streak, they've got the right guys behind them. I'm really excited with what they can come up with to separate themselves from the other two."

Will Ospreay Calls Upcoming TNA Match A Test For Josh Alexander

Ospreay was successful in both his Bound for Glory match with Bailey and his subsequent TV match against Alexander, who Ospreay will face at Snake Eyes. Ospreay is looking forward to the match, both because of how good he felt the first match between him and Alexander was, but also because he feels this is Alexander's opportunity to establish himself as TNA's guy, by hanging with and possibly defeating a world-class wrestler such as himself.

"We all know right now [that] this is...probably going to be my last TNA appearance," Ospreay said. "So now to go against Josh Alexander, this is his test now for him to see [if he's the guy], because what TNA needs...every company has a world beater. Every single one. You can say, with WWE, you can say it's Roman. With AEW, you can say it's Kenny. With New Japan, maybe it was me. We have to find out who your world-beater is, and I think this is his ultimate test because he's got one shot at this. 

"He's got one shot to put down the best wrestler in the world today. And that's the main thing. Even though I am going to AEW, I care about the next step of what TNA is going to go through. So they need a guy who is willing to take it to be their guy, the world beater. So this is Josh Alexander's big chance now to go for it, and just try your head against the best in the world, and see if you can put his shoulders to the mat."

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