Matt Riddle Comments On Possibility Of Returning To MMA Post-WWE

Matt Riddle has addressed his future in mixed martial arts following his release from WWE, saying "never say never." Riddle recently appeared during a live signing on "Signed by Superstars," and he was asked if he would ever think about going back to the world of MMA. "The King of Bros" said he's been in touch with various organizations, though he currently has a deal with NJPW.

"I've been in touch with the Bare Knuckle guys and I've been in touch with other MMA organizations, not the UFC, of course, not yet at least," Riddle said. "Things are looking good, but right now I'm just focusing on wrestling. Because the thing with fights, I have four kids, and if a fight falls through, I don't get paid, and if I train for three months and I don't get that payday, I'm going to be in a really deep hole. So right now, I'm focusing more on wrestling, but if the right fight, for the right money comes along, I'm going to snag it, because I definitely want to get back in the ring or a cage again and I would love to do it in 2024."

Riddle began his career in the UFC in 2008. He was released from the company after failing a second drug test. He ended his career 8-3. He was asked if he believes he could rectify things with UFC President Dana White, who previously commented on Riddle's release from WWE, trashing the former MMA star. Riddle thinks fences can be mended, however. "I think there's money to be had on the table if I were to fight. I mean, he let this guy fight there and I didn't know how. So I'm pretty sure he would allow me to come back if I could make cheddar for him," Riddle said.