Tommy Dreamer Weighs In On Title Change On WWE NXT

"The Innovator of Violence" is praising an up-and-coming "WWE NXT" star, and new champion, for his work on this week's episode. On Busted Open Radio, Tommy Dreamer praised new "NXT" North American Champion Oba Femi, who cashed in his Men's Breakout Tournament opportunity against Dragon Lee on Tuesday. Dreamer said Femi is having a great new year, and praised the match on the developmental brand. He said it's "cool" to see the 22-year-old getting so much support so early on in his career.

"Guy shined. Enjoyed his match. I have enjoyed what little work I have seen of him," Dreamer said. "Me, personally, I never like the babyface cashing something in on the other babyface, but the people were kind of in shock and happy. I would have loved to have seen Lexis King screw over Dragon Lee and then here comes Oba Femi and then the fans would have been very, very happy when that would have happened. So that was interesting to see. A lot of people I saw, like Corey Graves, a lot of WWE people said, 'I said he was the guy.'"

Dreamer also had praise for Lee. Lee had just won a match against newcomer King on the episode of "NXT" before Femi came down the ramp to cash in his opportunity at the title. Despite already having a match, Lee put up a fight against Femi for a few minutes before ultimately losing his championship. Lee is already a prominent member of WWE's main roster amongst the Latino World Order. "Excellent showing as always [for] Dragon Lee. I think he's going to be, if he continues, he'll be the next Rey Mysterio for the WWE. He's got a world of potential ... to continue to get over with the WWE Universe," Dreamer said.