Why Ethan Page Doesn't Think Former AEW World Champ MJF Has Changed Much Over The Years

MJF and Ethan Page have no shortage of history, having both teamed up and competed against one another on various occasions over the years. The most recent instance came when they faced one another on the July 1 "AEW Collision" for the AEW World Championship, which Page reflected on while appearing on "The Bragman Breakdown".

"Did we get people invested in it to care? Yes," Page said. "Did we convince them that I stand a chance of winning the title? Yes. We got to the end of all of that, so that was very special and it being in my home town was special. To kind of have that moment with my family too, that was great." Having first encountered one another in a Ten Man Gauntlet match for Alpha-1 Wrestling in May 2017, Page hadn't observed much of a change in the attitude of "The Salt of the Earth" over the years.

"He always had this — I'm going to say this word and I don't want it to come off as a negative — he's always had this entitlement, but clearly it's benefited him," Page said. Page furthermore thought that MJF's perseverance and a good support system were important factors in him gaining notoriety and contributed to both his success and surge in popularity. "Any kind of roadblock that he had, he would either run through or learn how to jump over it or buy his way over it, but he made sure that he got to where he needed to go, and that's definitely where he is."

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