Video: AEW Documents Ethan Page's Return To Hometown Of Hamilton, Ontario

In recent days, most notably on last week's "AEW Collision," it's seemed as though Ethan Page may be turning a new leaf with his contract under the control of Matt Hardy. "Collision" saw Page challenge Maxwell Jacob Friedman for the AEW World Championship in Page's hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and a short documentary posted to the All Elite Wrestling YouTube channel highlights Page's trip home.

The return home was an emotional one for Page. In the video, the AEW star explained that he has an important connection to the FirstOntario Centre.

"This venue, to me, is historic," Page said, beginning to tear up. "I've sat in the seats with my father. I brought my brother here to watch wrestling, so to know that they're going to be here tonight with my kids is something I never really expected." The AEW star then compared the experience of performing in the arena to the feeling of winning a world championship.

The video then featured highlights of Page's challenge against MJF. Though the Canadian was unable to capture the world title, the match seems to represent the beginning of a new chapter for Page. Following the bout, Page gave a fiery promo that could be the most spirited he's been in AEW thus far.

"I gave up everything I had," Page said. "And you know what? It breaks my heart to know that my family sat in the front row and saw me lose, but on the way to the back, I stopped to talk to my daughter in the front row. I told her that daddy was okay, this was not my last match, and I promised her that I would win gold in AEW. And I don't plan on breaking that f***ing promise."