Lio Rush Diagnoses Issues With His AEW Run

Despite getting a big surprise debut as the "Joker" in the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing 2021, things didn't end up working out for Lio Rush in AEW, and he admits that period was like a fuzz for him. "I think there was just a lot going on, a lot of miscommunication, a lot of injuries, just a lot. I think the timing was wrong. I think tensions were high, tensions were rising it's a new company and a lot of things were getting figured out," he told "Unscriptify Podcast." "So, I think ultimately it was just bad timing and miscommunication and things like that, and it happens, things happen, things don't always work out as planned."

Rush did end up calling out Tony Khan due to his comments regarding Big Swole's release, but has always admitted to being open to a return to AEW if the right opportunity comes across. Rush was only able to have five matches throughout his tenure with the company, which was largely due to the injury problems that he suffered at the time, with Rush even retiring from wrestling briefly because of the problems.

"My run got cut short, but I'm glad I had the one that I did because people still talk about it which means it was impactful," Rush said. "I'm super happy with what I was able to accomplish while I was there."

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