Tommy Dreamer Tells Story Of Meeting Jake The Snake Roberts When ECW Invaded WWE Raw

Jake "The Snake" Roberts has been one of the biggest examples of a comeback story in pro wrestling, as the veteran turned his life around after decades of fighting his inner demons. Tommy Dreamer recently appeared on "The Snake Pit" and recalled when he first met Roberts.

According to Dreamer, the first time he met Roberts was during the ECW Invasion storyline. "The first time I meet Jake, ECW invades RAW.' Additionally, Dreamer recalled how different things were in the industry at the time. "You have to understand, it was a different time, we were a team where WWE was individuals and Manhattan Center, small, small place." Following this, Dreamer noted that at the time of the ECW Invasion angle, WWE was losing the "Monday Night War" with WCW. "WWE is getting their a** kicked by WCW and they needed us to come in and show anything could happen at RAW. Really did kick off that era."

Dreamer also recalled how those from ECW walked into WWE with a unified goal, as they considered themselves representatives of the brand to the point where they impressed Vince McMahon. "I remember we all walked in and Vince was like a Commander-In-Charge, and saw this new military regime come in and we're all like wearing ECW gear and that impressed Vince, impressed him a lot."

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