Mace & Mansoor Talk WWE Exit, Wanting To Return

In September 2023, after a run as the Maximum Male Models, Mansoor and Mace were released by WWE. During an interview with "The Bob Culture Podcast," the duo discussed their WWE exit, and said that they pitched various character ideas to the promotion's creative team before being let go.

"People don't realize it's a big luxury to just be yourself with a name and be a cool guy that wins," Mace said. "Cool, badass ass-kicking guy who wins belts, like, it's just not a luxury we have," Mansoor added. "We understood that was not going to be us based on where we were viewed, but we thought that we could be a part of the three-hour variety show. Now it's up to us to go out and do it anyway so that they want us back," Mace continued.

Mansoor went on to say that he loves that it's "sink or swim" for him and Mace moving forward, mentioning that if they don't go out and impress, they will ultimately quit the business. However, Mace and Mansoor are determined to show that they deserve a spot in the wrestling industry. Since exiting WWE, Mansoor and Mace have appeared on one independent show each. The pair are booked to be at Effy's Big Gay Brunch 8 later this month in Tampa, Florida.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "The Bob Culture Podcast" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.