Attorney Stephen P. New Details Why He's Always Busy As Jim Cornette's Lawyer

Jim Cornette is an outspoken personality who's been known to attract controversy, but he can always turn to one man for legal counsel. Listeners of Cornette's podcast will know the name Stephen P. New, an attorney whose business is regularly promoted on the show. New is Cornette's go-to lawyer, and representing the former WWE employee has kept him busy with work.

"As you can imagine, if you're Jim Cornette's lawyer, you're going to stay busy because someone is always offended," New told the "Wrestling with Rip Rogers" podcast. "But more so than that, Jim's got a great business mind, so I'm always talking to him about these ideas, and these things he wants to do, and how best to protect himself."

New said that he helped Cornette secure the trademark to the Midnight Express name several years ago, but the relationship has been mutually beneficial. According to New, the exposure he gets from working with Cornette has allowed him to tackle some big cases, and he feels blessed to be in the position that he's in. Away from Cornette, New also does business with Kevin Sullivan, and he recently helped Francine, ECW's "Queen of Extreme," with a trademark as well.

Of course, some wrestling fans might be familiar with New thanks to him representing Ace Steel and CM Punk following AEW Brawl Out. New has remained tight-lipped on what happened during the backstage incident, but the lawyer revealed the length of Punk and Steel's NDAs.