How Kevin Dunn's Departure Is Reportedly Changing WWE TV

Before 2023 came to a close, it was reported that longtime WWE executive and producer Kevin Dunn had given his notice to leave the promotion. Since Dunn's exit was confirmed by WWE CEO Nick Khan, some new elements of production have appeared on WWE's main roster, including two recent segments away from a WWE setting involving Chelsea Green and Piper Niven confronting Katana Chance and Kayden Carter in a club, as well as Tyler Bate and Butch interacting at a coffee shop. According to Fightful, this is a new approach WWE is taking following Dunn's departure. Dunn was allegedly against these types of segments, but they are now expected to become the norm going forward.

Notably, segments of this kind are regularly broadcast on "WWE NXT." As per Fightful, WWE's CCO Paul "Triple H" Levesque permitted current Senior Director of Content and Development Jeremy Borash to build a production team on WWE's developmental brand for the past three years, keeping it "safely under Dunn's radar." Levesque is said to be pleased with how Borash's work has turned out.

Additionally, Fightful has allegedly spoken with various individuals involved with WWE's promos who have praised the new process and the freedom that comes with it. According to one source at WWE, a scene produced by Dunn would have looked very different, with various cutaways during the clip. The "NXT"-style segments now allow for characters to breathe and scenes to develop. Meanwhile, internally, the club and coffee shop segments were "largely positively received."