Bully Ray Believes This AEW Star Could Become The Company's Top Heel

Bully Ray's run with TNA saw the veteran become top heel and lead the Aces & Eights faction, giving him invaluable insight into what it takes to be a convincing bad guy. In light of Jack Perry's recent appearance in NJPW, Bully claimed during an episode of "Busted Open Radio" that Perry could ultimately become AEW's biggest heel. According to Bully, Perry has a chance to "catch lightning in a bottle" and become a major villain, but it all depends on the way AEW executes it.

"The jury is still out with me as to why they decided to have him show up in New Japan and do this, I'm sure there's a plan. I'm not making a judgment call based on just one thing that I saw." Additionally, Bully believes that the drama with CM Punk should aid his portrayal going forward, but noted that Perry ripping up his AEW contract is only symbolic. "Can he be hated? He ripped up a contract, ripping up a contract is very symbolic about how he feels about AEW right now, but you can't just rip up a contract and suddenly it's null and void; he still has a contract with AEW."

Mark Henry also commented on Perry's appearance in NJPW, and described it as an "act of defiance." He also noted that Perry's appearance in the Japan-based promotion is largely a shot at the AEW fanbase. "When you have a situation like that and you're telling the AEW fanbase 'This is what I think about your company that you like so much. I'm talking to the owner of the company and everybody in the grass.' When he comes out, there is going to be a chorus of boos." 

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