WWE NXT Star Lexis King Shares What He Learned During Visit From John Cena

Lexis King is one of "WWE NXT's" newest stars, someone who is still developing as a talent, and he recently got a firsthand chance to learn from one of the greats with a seminar from John Cena. "We were talking about contract negotiations and all this different stuff. It was amazing, the amount of questions we were able to ask and get answered," King told "Insight with Chris Van Vliet." "One of the coolest things he said was, 'You can't control the booking and who is wearing what belt, but you can be the best version of said character.'"

King pointed out how Cena told them he focused on being the best rapper during his Dr. of Thuganomics gimmick, so that he was always picked whenever a rapper was needed because he was the best option. King also revealed Cena told them there's no point pitching ideas, giving different advice instead. "If you pitch something and they don't use it, now you're disappointed and upset. If you just be the best version of your character and they decide to choose you for these things that they created because they are the writers and they come up with the ideas," King said. 

Pitching is something King did in AEW, admitting he had some successful ones. However, with WWE's writing team that's not necessary, and instead he is just concentrating on giving the best performances possible with whatever he is given. "If I'm the best dirtbag that they have and dress like a rock 'n roll wannabe, they're going to pick me for that role," he said. "I'm not going to go to the office, 'I really want to do a program with so and so.' I'll never do that again. John Cena told me he never pitched an opponent his entire career."

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