Booker T Clarifies Previous Comments About AEW Star HOOK, Tony Khan

Tony Khan recently went on a social media tirade against WWE's decision to give Jinder Mahal a world title shot and compared his record to Hook's. Booker T notably weighed in on the drama and gave his own take on it, but according to the veteran during his "Hall of Fame" podcast, many took his reaction the wrong way. Per Booker, his comments were a criticism of Khan for not elevating Hook to a household name and not against the AEW star.

"My comment wasn't to make Hook look bad, it was — more than anything — to point out Tony Khan in this 28-and-1 streak that this kid has had going on, that Hook is not more a household name." Additionally, Booker noted this has been an ongoing issue he's had with AEW since Khan seems to focus on other aspects instead of utilizing the chance to make someone a star. "When you got a chance to create a star and you miss the boat on it because you're thinking about how many matches somebody won or not, how many matches somebody lost, that was more so just to point out what Tony Khan is lacking as a booker."

Lastly, the legend clarified again that his statements were not directed at Hook, and jokingly admitted that he also doesn't want to get on Taz's bad side. "I don't wanna cross Taz. Taz could probably put me in the Kata-Ha-Jime. I feel like Taz's kid is doing a hell of a job, he looks good and he's a hell of a worker."

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