Bully Ray: Potential Match Between WWE Top Guys Could Be 'Giant Middle Finger' To AEW

With WrestleMania season fast approaching, there's plenty of speculation regarding possible matches, particularly due to reports of Seth Rollins injuring his knee on "WWE Raw" this week. CM Punk competing against Cody Rhodes on the Grandest Stage Of Them All for the World Heavyweight Championship is one idea that was discussed on "Busted Open Radio" today, and Bully Ray believes that sends one clear message.

"One of the first things that comes to mind about Cody vs Punk for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is a giant middle finger to AEW," he said. "Do I think that's going to be on purpose? Well, maybe. Here's your two biggest stars that you let leave, or they left, or whatever the reason they were there but I'm over here now and those guys would main event night one." It has been confirmed that Punk and Rhodes will come face to face on "Raw" next week in a bid to build the upcoming Royal Rumble match. However, Bully wonders whether it is WWE showing fans who the two champions will be that are going to take people into 2024. 

"Maybe Cody wins, maybe Punk wins, maybe they want to get a gauge on both of these guys and what they would be as World Champions," Bully speculated. "On the surface, it makes for compelling television, beneath the surface it could very much tell the WWE who the people, albeit just in New Orleans, are behind. To me, it is very 50/50 right now and it will come down to the verbiage."

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