CM Punk Calls Out Cody Rhodes Ahead Of Next Week's WWE Raw

Drew McIntyre did not pull any punches when he verbally confronted Cody Rhodes on the latest episode of "WWE Raw". In response, Rhodes pointed out that both he and McIntyre were in the Rumble match, but a multitude of people could snatch a win from under their noses, including CM Punk. No more than an hour later, CM Punk took to Instagram to call out "The American Nightmare."

"I think it's time you asked me what I wanted to talk about, @americannightmarecody," Punk taunted. The former AEW World Champion laid down a time and place for Rhodes: next week on "Raw", in New Orleans. This is not the first time Rhodes and Punk have had a tense interaction in regards to the Rumble; on the December 8 episode of "WWE SmackDown", Punk made a scathing promo where he teased a Royal Rumble entrance whilst calling out WWE's top stars, including Rhodes. Rhodes confronted Punk backstage, and remarked that Punk would need to win the Rumble. Punk did not say anything to him, but merely nodded.

Punk has not been quiet about his determination to win the Royal Rumble and main event WrestleMania, and he is a fan favorite to win the Royal Rumble match. Interestingly enough, Rhodes is also one of the top favorites to win the Rumble. While Punk claimed that his interaction with Rhodes will be "face to face, cards on the table", the entire WWE Universe will have their eyes on New Orleans as two of the top picks for the Royal Rumble meet next week.