Alisha Edwards On What Makes Her And Husband Eddie Edwards Happy In TNA

Eddie Edwards has found a lot of success in TNA over the past few years and has become a mainstay of the promotion. Currently, Edwards and his wife, Alisha Edwards, are running amok in the promotion as heels, and according to Alisha during a recent interview with "Metro," the couple feel at home in TNA.

She stated that they have chosen TNA over other promotions because they have the ability to do their own things and that this was something they both "wanted to do." Additionally, they wanted to be able to tell stories without being a predictable pairing, which they both believe they can only find within TNA. Edwards also claims that one of the reasons why she recently returned to TNA was to be at her husband's side. 

”That's the normal thing to do. Like, the wife goes with the husband, and that's it," she said.

Edwards also noted that while she is at her husband's side, she's still allowed to do her own thing. "Being able to kind of still do my own thing, while Eddie had his thing as being a heel –- I think that's what, creatively, we can do that makes us happy." 

The TNA star added that the creative freedom they have in TNA has played the biggest part in them choosing the promotion over others. Eddie Edwards signed a new TNA contract early last year, and while it's still unclear whether it's a lengthy deal or not, TNA President Scott D'Amore expressed how re-signing him was a priority for the promotion.