Eric Bischoff Addresses Mercedes Mone (FKA WWE's Sasha Banks) Possibly Joining AEW

Apart from some crowd appearances, Mercedes Mone hasn't been seen in wrestling since suffering an ankle injury last May. Still, speculation has run wild concerning where she'll end up next, especially in recent months as she approaches a return. Speaking on his podcast, "83 Weeks," former WWE producer and WCW executive Eric Bischoff discussed the current status of Mone's career, including what he thinks of her possibly signing with AEW.

"I don't think I've ever had a syllable of conversation with her," Bischoff said. "I only know what I read, which is very little because I'm not paying attention to her. But she evidently had a meeting with WWE, [they] started negotiating, it didn't go well. That was a bad sign."

Bischoff's co-host, Conrad Thompson, pointed out that it's hard to accept vague reports about behind-the-scenes negotiation as fact, which Bischoff agreed with. The WWE Hall of Famer then stated that Mone would find greater success and fame in WWE, but speculated that there may be issues backstage preventing her return. Still, there are reasons for Mone to consider re-building her relationship with WWE.

Mercedes Mone: AEW or WWE?

Bischoff continued by stating that an added benefit of working with WWE in this day and age is their close relationship with Endeavor, one of Hollywood's biggest talent agencies. Last year, WWE finalized a deal to merge with mixed martial arts promotion UFC under the Endeavor umbrella. While not an outright sale, Endeavor does have full control of WWE.

"Tony [Khan could], in whatever state of mind Tony happens to be in on any given moment, go ... 'I'm gonna outbid for her services, because I can,'" Bischoff continued. "'Because I'm a trust fund baby and I don't have to account to anybody or actually make any money.' ... Could she make more money with Tony? Yes. But her career as a star is effectively over at that point."

As evidence, Bischoff stated that one only has to look at the other former WWE talent that made their way to AEW, with the implication that none have found the same levels of success. He then added some qualifiers, not counting those who were "on their way out the door" or were underutilized. Bischoff wrapped up by stating that he, too, would likely take the larger paycheck.